This past week was a successful one for both competitive and community aspects of Zer0 Latency, highlighted by showcasing the talent of our Apex team at the ALGS Tournament over the weekend. But first, let’s talk about another game we love here at ZL with our Destiny 2 community.
This weekend was something our Destiny clan had been long anticipating – the first Trials of Osiris for the Season of the Lost. For the uninitiated, Destiny’s Trials of Osiris event is a competitive 3v3 weekend game mode with unique themed loot and is a fan-favorite among the community. Only after achieving 7 consecutive wins can you get an invitation to “the Lighthouse”, a unique social space perfect for anyone looking for powerful weapons and armor, or just a personal flex. This season’s new revamped system for loot and matchmaking made way for a huge influx of new and old players. With over 750,000 players taking part over the weekend, it gave this event the most games played in Destiny history. Among our clan, we took 12 members to the Lighthouse for the first time, with many more to come in the future. Keep an eye out for those bright sunny Instagram posts from the team showing off at the Lighthouse!
While our clan was taking screenshots on Mercury, things got a whole lot more heated over at the Apex Legends Global Series where we can be proud to say our talented team of 4 fought their hearts out. Their hard work paid off, making it to round 4 of the Summer Circuit Qualifiers and letting the competition know they are not to be underestimated. This is an enormous step for our team and it has definitely raised the bar for everyone. We appreciate any support to our competitive teams, whether it’s a “good luck” or “GG” in Discord, Twitch chats, or on social media, it means a lot to our guys. Recruitments for Apex and Fortnite are live for upcoming events, so anyone that has a competitive drive should reach out and make yourself heard to our team.
For anyone looking to be a competitive player, streamer, or a part of the community – make sure to join the Discord if you haven’t already! Links to team social media and the community Discord can be found in the Roster. And if you’re interested in playing Destiny and joining the Zer0 Latency clan feel free to contact one of our team members through Discord, and we will be happy to bring more players into the clan and the community. We want to thank everyone again for the support and as always, Stay Zer0!

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